The SSC Shadow Way

What is The SSC Shadow Way? 
Answer:  It is the high standard of play and development we teach, coach and develop in ALL of our players.  When WE have the ball, we work to keep it as long as possible to increase our odds of scoring goals: a possession-based game.  We CONTROL the ball in a variety of ways; keeping possession WITH our teammates, rather than kicking it without purpose.  WE keep the ball under OUR control. 
Possession = Development = The SSC Shadow Way!

Hints at what possession-based soccer looks like on your child's team are found in how you answer these questions:

  • Are restarts short and possession-based?
  • Are goal kicks possession-based?
  • Are corner kicks possession-based?
  • Does the team formation open up as attacking to promote passing and involve the whole team?
  • Is the team trying to connect more than three or four passes?
  • Is the goalkeeper a soccer player?

Why do we believe in The SSC Shadow Way?
Answer:  We are a club that is developmentally-focused, NOT results-driven!  This is vitally important in our youngest age groups!  In possession-based soccer, ALL players receive more time with the ball during games, instead of one or two physically dominant players getting most of the time with the ball. ALL players get better together and increased development for the WHOLE team brings more enjoyment for each player. It is more fun to KEEP the ball than to CHASE the ball; having the ability and skill to maneuver and keep possession of the ball makes this a beautiful game.  Learning how to possess the ball, receive the ball, pass the ball, move off the ball, and on is The SSC Shadow Way!

Our standard of possession-based play improves the level and quality of soccer in our community.  Our goal is to teach every player that joins our club The SSC Shadow Way.  Coaches review The Shadow Way at weekly meetings and consistently spread the curriculum to all of our coaches and players.

Learning The SSC Shadow Way takes time and effort. As coach Bryan Olson recently observed, "We don't need perfect players, we just need players willing to give effort and learn." This statement is so true - and we are blessed to coach hundreds of our smart, hard working SSC Shadow players every day!

Possession = Development!  Go SSC Shadow!
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